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Our Mission

Water is the foundation of life. Not only are our bodies made up of over 60% of water but we require clean, safe drinking water to survive as well as to grow our food and move our waste stream. While our population has exploded the amount of freshwater on the planet has stayed constant. Water use has grown more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. Today nearly 700 million people worldwide suffer from water scarcity. And that number is expected to grow to 1.8 billion in just 10 years.

Water scarcity is a worldwide issue. California’s epic drought has shone a bright light on this alarming problem. The lack of rain in California has resulted in 80% of the state to be extreme or exceptional drought, forcing water restrictions in urban areas and cutoffs to some farmers. Historical observations point to this drought being among the worst ever. Levels of rainfall, snowpack, reservoirs, and streamflow are all at record lows.

Cheap clean green electricity, purified water from the sea or saline or polluted areas. We are rebuilding the ruined environment. We turn deserts into paradise gardens. We give people health, clean water, food, energy, heating. In the future, hydrogen will be used for transport, heating and cooking.

Extraordinary Experiences

We will completely change the image of the world, we will save billions of people from starvation, we will give water to the thirsty, protect them from terrible diseases, and by reducing the amount of pollution we will reduce the number of lung diseases, skin diseases and allergies. Thanks to AquaWati, we can reverse the ruins left by people of previous generations by providing. We will turn deserts into green places ready to give fruit and vegetables, gardens full of flowers and trees that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and food for animals and people.  By accumulating energy, solve the problems of green wind and photovoltaic turbines by providing energy when there is a demand. In the future, producing pure hydrogen for transport, heating. We will ensure that all mankind is free from environmental pollution, greenhouse gases, problems with fuel, water, food, electricity, gas, heating and cooling in homes and factories.

AquaWati is 100% effective in purifying water without polluting the environment. AquaWati does not use electricity or reverse osmosis filters to purify the water. AquaWati gives cheaper electricity. AquaWati accumulates energy and gives it back to the network when there is a demand. In the future, AquaWati will produce hydrogen cheaply and cleanly.

Our Core Values

AquaWati is a new way of obtaining and accumulating energy and drinking water. We can make deserts green, plants return, fields become arable, animals and people have something to eat and drink. We can supply cheaper electricity. The price of reverse osmosis water production is high because of energy costs, high pressure, expensive filters, disposal, 40% clean water. Our solution gives clean water without consuming electricity and also gives electricity. The price of electricity is half the price. We do not have the costs of repairs, replacement of parts as high as in wind turbines or photovoltaics. Our solution is the cheapest on the market and the demand for electricity is constantly growing. In the future, we will produce the cheapest water based on the same invention.

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